Fashion Designer: New York Museum brings Charles James Retrospective

What Coco Chanel for the French Haute Couture, was Charles James for the New York fashion industry. But what does “was” How fresh and lively were the ideas of the late couturier in 1978, proves an exhibition at the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art New York cultural institution dedicated to Charles own retrospective, which opens in May this year.

Charles James as a model for several fashion designers

The focus is on both the life and the legendary work of Charles James. The couturier was several fashion designers as a model, especially the French haute couture designers such as Christian Dior took the extraordinary talent as a model.

Famous are mainly ball gowns by Charles James, which the Museum dedicates an entire floor. Famous clients such as Austine Hearst (ancestor of model and socialite Lydia Hearst) loved the creations of fashion designers, who represented such a thing as an invention of glamor.

Getting Started in Europe

His first steps in, Charles James by the way in Europe, also in Paris, he was at home. The big breakthrough, however, he managed the New York high society – not least thanks to his exceptional talent to outstanding cuts that perfectly assimilated into the individual character of each individual customer.

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